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Board Report: April 23, 2018

Greetings from the Board of Trustees.

Thank you to everyone who voted in this year’s Trustee elections. We had the largest ever proportion of our school community vote (44 per cent). This is fantastic in ensuring we have a Board of Trustees who represent your interests.

Congratulations to the successful candidates: Marie Blanchard, Maureen Cunningham, Anne Peters and Stephane Rosenberg. We are looking forward to your input during your two year terms. Thank you also to all candidates who run. It is a sign of a healthy school to have so much interest in the Board from such talented people.

At our monthly Board meeting on 12 April, we had the privilege of hearing from two Grade 12 students. Nadia and Spo shared with us their experiences at ISD and highlighted what they appreciated about their time here and also gave us some good ideas for what we could do differently in the future. This annual meeting with leaving students is extremely helpful for us to understand the most important element in our decision making – the students.

Alan Knobloch presented on the results of the Parent and Student surveys. Alan will share these with the community via a Jag Journal article soon.

We only had one decision item this month, which was the adoption of a new policy in relation to work place harassment and safety. We hope that this new policy will support an even stronger culture of fairness and respect in our school.

On 19 April at our Annual General Meeting, we celebrated the achievements of students and staff (with a special mention to Ms Sedina Mupeso who received her 20 year long service award!)

The Board, Administration and PTO presented on their work from throughout the year.

Our next Board meeting in May will be the last for the school year. As always, parents and faculty are welcome to attend as observers. You can also contact us at any time at

Kind regards, Louisa Gibbs Chair, ISD Board of Trustees

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