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Board Notes: December Meeting and Farewell to Trustee, Jennifer Grant

Greetings from the ISD Board of Trustees.

Our monthly meeting was held on 7 December. Here are the highlights:

1. The Board approved unanimously the authorization for ISD to negotiate the financial amount and contract with the construction company CDE for the construction of the Performing Arts Centre and Gym. This follows a comprehensive tender process, vetting by the Buildings and Grounds Committee and two readings at Board level. We are delighted to report on this next step forward with the project to the school community.

2. The Board considered the housing policy for international staff. Feedback from staff was communicated by the Board's faculty representative, Caterina Gress-Wright. The Board has referred the policy back to the Policy Committee for further consideration.

3. The Board Approved unanimously the proposed policy relating to class size.

4. The Board was presented with a request from local staff to support them with a loans to build housing. The request was introduced at the December meeting and will be discussed further in the the January Board meeting.

5. The Board received the school's management response to the audit report and had no concerns on audit.

The Meeting finished with a presentation and vote of thanks to Jennifer Grant. Jennifer and her family have been at ISD for five and a half years and for five of them, Jennifer has served as a Board Trustee. In that time Jennifer has served as Board Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary, as well as leading policy and governance deliberations as Chair of those committees. Jennifer has spent countless hours as a volunteer to make a difference for ISD, with particular contributions to recruiting Alan Knobloch as our Director, developing the school's strategic plan and improving the Board's governance practices. Undoubtedly, Jennifer's contribution has made a difference to the students and families at ISD - both current and future. The Board is also farewelling a dear friend - thank you Jen, we wish you and your family the absolute best in Cambodia. Our loss is their gain, but remember - once a jaguar, always a jaguar!

Kind regards, Louisa Gibbs Chair, ISD Board of Trustees

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