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Board News: Proposed Change to ISD Bylaws

Currently, the ISD Board of Trustees is comprised of nine members all of whom are elected by the ISD Association, which is comprised of ISD Parents and Teachers. Trustees must be parents or legal guardians of current ISD students. The Board is proposing that over the next two years, the Board transition to seven elected members and two appointed members.

The rationale for adding two appointed members is that ISD is a complex organization, which benefits from having Trustees with specific skills including finance or construction experience to previous experience as a Trustee at another institution. One of the primary responsibilities of the Board is overseeing the annual $15 million budget and long-term budget for the school, as well as making sure the school Administration is adhering to best practices for internal controls. Board members with financial experience are thus tremendously important. Again, as we embark on the $7.5 million Performing Arts Center and Athletic Complex, a Trustee with construction experience would be a key asset.

Serving as the Chair or Vice-Chair of the Board requires a time commitment. With the opportunity to appoint a Trustee, the Board could ensure there was someone with the skills, time, and interest to serve as Chair or Vice-Chair.

The composition of the Board is defined in the school’s Articles of Association. Changing the Articles of Association requires approval by the community. Members of the ISD community will be asked whether they agree or not with the motion to change the composition of the Board when they submit their ballot in the upcoming Trustee election.


How would the Board identify potential appointed Trustees? Would the appointed Trustees have to be ISD parents?

Appointed Trustees would have to be the parent or legal guardian of an ISD student. The Board would call for nominations of people to be an appointed Trustee. Individuals could nominate themselves or another eligible candidate.

Who would select the appointed Trustees?

The appointed Trustee would be selected by a vote of the other Trustees. The Board would review the background of the nominated Trustees and meet with potential Board members and then select the person they felt would best fit the needs of Board at that time.

Would the appointed Trustees have the same terms and rights as the elected Trustees?

Appointed Trustees would serve a two-year term, just like the elected Trustees. They would have the same voting rights as elected Trustees. The only exception is that an appointed Trustee would not be able to vote on the selection of an appointed Trustee if they are one of the candidates for the appointed position.

What do other international schools do?

In a survey of international schools around the world, 11 percent of school boards have only elected members. Forty-two percent of the international schools have boards comprised of elected and appointed members. Forty-seven percent of international schools just have appointed members. We are proposing a hybrid model where the community would still elect the majority of trustees.

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