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Board News: October Meeting Recap

Greetings from the ISD Board of Trustees.

We held our October Board meeting on Thursday, October 15, 2020.

The Board started the meeting with a brief re-run on the fiduciary duties of the Board and the respective processes that allow the school to remain in good financial standing.

Additionally, we had a preliminary look at proposed revisions to the Capital and Operating budget for 2020-2021 to reflect the changes that have occurred since the onset of the COVID-19. The revisions will give the school the needed resources to continue operating optimally.

We then had a first reading of the updated policy on school closure and followed up with the adoption of the Terms of Reference of each of the Committees for this school year, setting them on a path to ensure the achievement of the Board Goals.

Finally, the Board commended highly the work accomplished by the Faculty and recognized the enormous efforts it has made since the outbreak of the crisis.

The next Board meeting will be held virtually on Thursday, November 19, at 6:00 pm.

Kind regards,


Chair, ISD Board of Trustees

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