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Board News: October Meeting Agenda

Our October monthly Board meeting will be held on Tuesday 23 October at 6.00 pm in the Administration Building Conference Room (refreshments served from 5.30 pm). All parents and faculty are welcome to joins us as observers.

ISD School Board Meeting Agenda

I. Statement of Guiding Principles

II. ISD Chant: Video and group participation (Kelly)

III. Public comment (6:05 pm – 6:10 pm): Opportunity for non-Board members to address the Board if requested.

IV. Consent agenda (6:10 pm – 6:15 pm): Items to be approved by general consensus can be removed from the consent agenda by any one member of the Board.

A. Minutes approval (September 2018)

B. School reports (Director, Assistant Director and Principals)

C. Committee reports (B&G, Finance, G&D and Policy)

V. Educational program update (6:15 pm – 6:35 pm)

A. Presentation on teachers’ compensation (Alan)

VI. Reports by representatives (6:35 pm – 6:40 pm): As needed, oral reports (total 5 minutes)

A. US Ambassador’s Representative (Eric)

B. Faculty Representative (Catharina)

VII. Discussion Items (6:40 pm – 7:50 pm): (Trustees, Director and assigned presenters; total 70 min)

A. Construction update (Suzanne and Aylin; 20 min)

B. Budget assumptions (Alan; 10 min)

C. Second reading – Proposed revised capital budget (Alan; 5 Min)

D. First reading – School Calendar 2019–2020 and 2020–2021 (Alan;15 min)

E. Policy changes (Anne; 20 min)

· 2nd Reading – Amendment to policy – Leave without pay

· 2nd Reading – Proposed policy – Code of Conduct

VIII. Decision Items (7:50 pm – 8:00 pm) (Total 10 min)

A. Proposed revised capital budget

B. Adoption of amended policy – Leave without pay

C. Adoption of new policy – Code of Conduct

IX. Meeting evaluation (8:00 pm – 8:05 pm)

X. Schedule for next meetings; planning reminders (8:05 pm – 8:10 pm): Committee meetings, schedule for next month

We are also pleased to welcome Hoda Moustafa as a parent expert volunteer on our Governance and Development Committee. Hoda’s legal background and knowledge of the school from her years as a parent will be most valuable as we progress our Board goals this year.

As always, you can contact the Board via our email address:

Kind regards

Louisa Gibbs

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