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Board News: March Meeting Recap

Greetings from the ISD Board of Trustees!

We held our March Board meeting on Wednesday, March 16, 2022, and began with an education update from the Elementary School extended leadership team about the Primary Years Program (PYP) and its different components.

The Board then looked at and approved the plan for the retirement fund for the support staff to include honoring past years of service. This approval enables the school to honor our local staff for the years they have already served the school. The board reiterated its objective to celebrate the hard work and dedication the local staff has shown the ISD community since its inception.

The Board also had a second reading and approval of the Support Staff Retirement Fund Policy which will govern the recently approved retirement fund for local support staff with a primary goal to ensure a clear governance structure that will oversee the fair and proper disbursement of such funds.

Lastly, the board also took an in-depth look at an initial proposed Master Campus Plan that would see us improve the current campus facilities. This is in tandem with continued discussions on other options to best cater to the growing ISD community while maintaining our high standards of education and also fostering a sense of community.

The next Board meeting will be held in person on Wednesday, April 20, at 5:45 pm.

Kind regards,

Birame SOCK

Chair, ISD Board of Trustees

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