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Board News: March Meeting & Policy Review

Greetings from the ISD Board of Trustees!

We held our March Board meeting on Thursday, March 25, 2021.

The meeting began with an insightful summary report on the Parent Diversity and Inclusion Survey results. This survey is just one of the various sources of information that the Board will use in its continued effort to ensure that every member of our community feels heard, valued, and respected.

The Board also reviewed four policies, namely:

  • The Locally-Hired Employee length of Service Award, geared toward ensuring that all policies in this regard are in alignment with the relevant laws. This Policy was approved.

  • The Graduation Credit Requirements Policy, aimed at giving all our students with varying abilities the best chance to graduate with a recognized High School Diploma – Feedback was provided and a second reading will be held at the April meeting

  • The Teaching Credentials Policy, a review of which is part of the Diversity and Inclusion process ensuring the reflection of the Diverse community at ISD -– Feedback was provided and a second reading will be held at the April meeting

  • The Student Discipline Policy which arose from the ‘No More Silence’ movement that started over the summer. This review would give jurisdiction to the school in cases where events that have happened have an effect on the learning environment of the school. Communication will be sent out to the community for feedback ahead of a second discussion at the April meeting

And finally, the Board discussed the merit in making up the three missed instructional days occasioned by bad weather and civil unrest. Consequently, deciding that it is an extraordinary year and all the work that has gone into making school in person possible all year long, (one of the few schools in the world being able to do so), making up three days adds no educational value and will thus not mandate the same. The 2020 – 2021 school calendar will remain the same as it is right now.

The next Board meeting will be held in person, at ISD, on Thursday, April 15th at 6:00 pm with refreshments served from 5:30 pm.

Kind regards,


Chair, ISD Board of Trustees

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