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Board News: March Meeting Notes

Greetings from the ISD Board of Trustees!

Thank you to those who have submitted nominations for the ISD Board. Nominations are now closed.

We held our monthly board meeting on 14 March 2019.

We considered, for a second time, plans to build a new innovation center in the area where the current MakerSpace room operates; and amendments to classrooms to create more room for IB art students.  The Board approved these proposals and work will commence so that the buildings are ready for the start of next school year.

The Board also considered five policies.  We voted to adopt three new policies relating to use of campus facilities by ISD families, renting ISD facilities, and the liability of staff to pay for damage of electrical equipment in their care.

We also had a first reading of a policy that documents which ISD employees are entitled to free tuition at ISD for their children.  The policy committee will consider this issue further at the April committee meeting before it returns to the Board for a vote.

Finally, the Board considered a draft policy relating to making ISD more environmentally friendly. This policy was brought to us by concerned students.  The Board will consider it for a second time next month.

I am also pleased to report that, following last month's environmental presentation to the Board by students Sally and Josh, there was no plastic used in the Board's pre-dinner refreshments.  The Board also agreed to receive pre-reading via email, rather than in printed packets, to save paper.  Thank you to our students for prompting us to think about these important sustainability issues.

Remember to mark 3 May in your calendar for our Annual General Meeting.

Please contact the board on with any questions.

Kind regards, Louisa

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