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Board News: January Meeting Agenda

Our January monthly Board meeting will be held at 6.00 pm on Thursday 17 January 2019 in the Administration Conference Room. All parents and faculty are invited to attend as observers.

The agenda for the meeting is as follows:

I. Statement of Guiding Principles

II. Public comment

Opportunity for non-Board members to address the Board if requested.

III. Consent agenda

A. Minutes (December 2018)

B. School reports (Director and Principals)

C. Committee reports (Finance, Policy, Strategic Planning, Buildings & Grounds, Governance & Development)

IV. Educational program update

A. PYP Update (Brad Chumrau; 20 min)

V. Reports by representatives

A. US Ambassador’s Representative (Eric Davis)

B. Faculty Representative (Catharina Wright-Gress)

VI. Discussion Items

A. Budget Book – 1st reading (Alan Knobloch)

B. Special Education Program – 2nd reading (Anne Peters)

C. Policy Changes (Anne Peters)

· 2nd reading – Policy 3025.4 Maternity Leave

· 2nd reading – Policy 3025.5 Paternity Leave

· 1st reading – Adoption Leave

· 1st Reading – Parental consent

D. Auditor’s Report – 2nd Reading (Thiaba Camara Sy)

E. Amendments to By-laws relating to appointment of trustees (Marie Blanchard)

VII. Meeting evaluation

VIII. Schedule for next meetings; planning reminders

Kind regards,

Louisa Gibbs


ISD Board of Trustees

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