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Board News: February Board Meeting Summary

Greetings from the ISD Board of Trustees.

We covered a lot of interesting ground in our February Board meeting, and made some significant decisions.

But before I get to that, I would like to thank Grade 10 students Sally and Josh, who presented to the Board on their proposal that ISD becomes plastic free by 2020.  They presented compelling arguments for why we need to take action to reduce plastic in our school.  As a result, the Board's policy committee has put this issue on its agenda to discuss further.

Importantly, this month the Board voted to adopt the 2019-2020 Operational Budget and Capital Budget.  This means that the Administration can commence working towards operationalising the ideas captured in the budget for next year.

The Board also adopted a motion to take a proposed amendment to the Bylaws to a vote by parents and staff (as per our constitutional documents).  Currently, all 9 Trustees on the Board are elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.  To allow the Board to be more strategic and secure specific expertise, promoting good governance for the school, the proposed Bylaw change would result in one trustee being appointed, rather than elected, each year.  There will be information provided to all parents and staff about why the Board is proposing the change, distributed at the same time as information about candidates nominating for this year's election.  

The Board also had a first reading of three new policies relating to use and rent of campus facilities and damage to property.  The Board also heard a proposal from the Administration for some building works over the summer vacation.  These include restructuring classrooms to expand the number of art rooms for IB visual arts and the construction of a new innovation centre.  The innovation centre would be a valuable space for many classes to use, and would support the implementation of the compulsory design technology MYP subject.  The Board is looking forward to discussing these ideas further at the March meeting.

The Board recognises that the development of Diamniadio will impact the school.  Therefore, we have put some planning procedures in place to ensure we make the best decisions in the interest of our students and families into the future. One way to do this is to listen to the voices and experiences of the families in our community Please mark your calendar for 10-12pm on Saturday 13 April 2019 to attend a 'town hall meeting' where you can share your ideas and expectations of what the Doamniadio development will mean for your families and organisations.

As always, you can contact the Board on  It is also drawing closer to our Trustee elections and if you are interested in learning more about being on the Board, please contact us and we will make a time to chat with you.

Kind regards,

Louisa Gibbs

Chair, ISD Board of Trustees

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