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Board News: Appointed Members

Two of the trustees elected in April of 2018 will be resigning from the Board effective end of this school year as they will be departing from Dakar mid-term. Consequently, the Board of Trustees will need to appoint two parents/guardians to fill the two positions until the Board elections in  2020.

The Board’s Governance and Development Committee reviewed the background and skills of the seven remaining Trustees as well as the major issues facing the School in the next few years. The Committee determined the new Trustees should have the following experience and skills:

● Finance experience;

● Time to serve on the Board;

● Construction experience; and/or

● Previous Board experience;

The committee then looked at a pool of candidates drawn from interested parents and those who previously ran for the Board. After an in-depth discussion, the Committee agreed on two candidates. The Governance and Development Committee chair presented the Committee’s recommendation to the Board at the May Board meeting.  The Board will vote on the Committee’s recommendation at the June Board meeting.

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