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Board News: AGM, Elections and Bylaw Changes

Dear ISD Parents,

Help to shape ISD now and into the future:

  • Join us for the Annual General Meeting.

  • Run to be a Trustee on the ISD Board.

  • Vote in the Trustee elections and proposed change to the school’s Bylaws.

Annual General Meeting

Please mark your calendars for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the ISD Association which will be held on Friday 3 May 2019 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm in the Secondary School Performing Arts Classroom.

The AGM is the yearly meeting of members of the ISD Association, which is all ISD parents and guardians and ISD faculty. The agenda will include student performances, reports from the Board Chair and School Director (including a financial report) and we will announce the successful candidates in this year’s Trustee election. We encourage all parents to attend this important meeting. There will be refreshments served and a chance to ask questions. High school students will provide babysitting free of charge.

ISD Board of Trustees election

Trustee Candidate Registration is NOW OPEN!

The ISD Board is comprised of nine parent volunteer Trustees. Every year the ISD Association elects Trustees to serve on the ISD Board for a two-year term. Five Trustee positions are open for election this year.

If you are interested in learning more, please watch the attached three minute video in which current Trustees talk about their experiences serving on the Board. You can also contact the board at with any questions, or if you would like to make a time to meet with a current Trustee to learn more.

Candidate registration is open from Monday 4 March 2019 until Saturday 23 March 2019.

We are seeking individuals with the following interests and skills:

  • Commitment to ISD and its Guiding Statements

  • The ability to work as a team player with a diverse, international group in a multi-cultural environment

  • An expertise that will benefit the work of the Board

  • Experience on a school Board or similar non-profit body is helpful

  • An interest in strategic issues related to ISD’s present and future educational quality and development

  • Experience living or working in an international environment.

Please read the linked documents below with information for interested candidates. If you wish to be considered for election, please send a CV or resume, photo and a letter of intent stating why you would like to run for a Trustee position by 23 March 2018 to ISD Board Secretary, Sadia Asim at

Interested Candidates FAQs

Board Election Voting FAQs

Bylaw changes

ISD’s governing documents include Articles of Association and Bylaws that set out the school’s governance structure. The ISD Board of Trustees is recommending an amendment to the Bylaws. Any amendment to the Bylaws requires a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the ISD Association members who vote in the Trustee elections.

The proposed amendments will change the way parent volunteers join the ISD Board. Currently, all nine Trustees are elected. Under the proposal, this practice will continue for the vast majority of Trustees, but allow the Board to appoint one Trustee each year, for a total of two appointed Trustees on the Board, and seven elected. The change would enable the Board fill any skills gaps for the year ahead, leading to a more strategic Board composition to support good governance of the school.

You will receive further explanatory information about the proposed changes to the Bylaws at the same time you receive the biographies of candidates who are running in the Trustee election.

Again, please feel free to contact the Board on with any questions.

Louisa Gibbs

Chair, ISD Board of Trustees

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