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Board Meeting Agenda: March 14

March 3, 2017--Before our pause for Spring Break, I would like to notify you of the next meeting of the ISD Board. Parents of current students are always welcome to attend as observers. If you are thinking of running in the upcoming Trustee elections, please consider coming along to see how the Board operates and to meet current Trustees.

The ISD Board of Trustees will hold its November monthly meeting on Tuesday, March 14, 2017 at 6.00pm, in the ISD Conference room (top floor, ISD Admin building). Refreshments are served at 5:30pm.

Here is the agenda:

I. Welcome and articulation of ISD’s Guiding Statements (6:00 – 6:05)

II. Public comment (6:05 – 6:15)

Opportunity for non-Board member to address Board if requested.

III. Consent Agenda (6:15 – 6:20)

Items to be approved by general consensus can be removed from consent agenda by any one member of the board.

A. Minutes approval

B. School Reports: (Director, Admissions Coordinator, Elementary School Principal, and Secondary School Principal)

C. Committee Reports (Finance, Governance & Development / Policy)

IV. Educational Program Update (6:20 – 6:50)

Middle Years Programme (MYP) - Report from the committee looking at whether MYP should be introduced to ISD - Marc Guillaume

V. Reports by representatives (6:50 – 6:55)

A. US Ambassador’s Representative (Jenna Diallo)

B. Faculty Representative (Sandra Goldsborough)

VII. Discussion Items (7:00 - 7:40)

A. Primary Years Programme (PYP) Candidate Status (Alan Knobloch)

B. Change in Fiscal Year (Thiaba Camara Sy)

C. Budget for Gym Conversion to ES Classrooms (Alan Knobloch)

D. AGM Agenda (Louisa Gibbs)

VIII. Decision Items (7:40 - 7:45)

A. PYP Candidate Status

B. Change in Fiscal Year

C. Budget for Gym Conversion to ES Classrooms

IX. Meeting evaluation (7:45 -7:50)

X. Schedule for next meetings; planning reminders (7:50 - 8:00)

Enjoy your spring break,

Louisa Gibbs Chair, ISD Board of Trustees

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