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Board January Meeting Summary

Greetings from the ISD Board of Trustees.

We held a very interesting Board meeting on 18 January in which we made some significant decisions for the school.

Board decisions

The Board:

  • Approved a budget of USD 7,441,215 for the construction, furniture and fixtures of the Performing Arts Centre and Athletic Complex;

  • Approved the Administration obtaining a five-year loan in an amount of 1,650,000,000 CFA at 6.5% interest, with the re-payment of principal and interest estimated at USD 3,308,682 (calculated using an exchange rate of USD1:530 CFA); and

  • Approved the Chair of the ISD Board of Trustees and the Director to enter into a contract with a preferred tenderer to build the Performing Arts Centre and Athletic Complex, upon the final approval of the contract wording and payment schedule by the Board Treasurer and Chair of the Buildings and Grounds Committee.

These decisions follow a vigorous tender process to select a company to undertake the work. The Board extends thanks to Suzanne Wardini and Ibrahima Fall for their leadership on this exercise.

The Board also considered a request by a group of locally engaged staff for the school to provide them with loans equating to approximately USD 900,000 for them to build houses. This request was not approved by the Board.

Finally, the Board passed an amendment to policy wording relating to the housing policy for

internationally-hired staff. The amended wording is posted in the glass cabinet at the entrance to the school.

Discussion items

Alan Knobloch presented the 2018-2019 Budget Book. This has been discussed within the Finance Committee and will come again to the Board in February for approval.

We also considered the proposal, structure and financing to expand the Pre-K 3 program to a full day program. There are long-term educational benefits for our Pre-K 3 students who come from a variety of language backgrounds to be in an English-speaking program all day. The Board will vote on whether to adopt a full day program at the February Board meeting.

You may be familiar with the annual parent and student surveys, which we conduct each year to receive feedback from our school community on the strengths and weaknesses of the school. Marie Blanchard presented the draft surveys that have been developed for 2018 by the Governance and Development Committee.

Educational update

Each month, as part of the Board’s ongoing commitment to professional development to ensure we make the best decisions possible for the school we include time for our Board members to learn about the administration of education. This month we learned about a new method being trialed in the school to allow students to provide feedback to teachers.

The Board will next meet on Thursday 15 February at 6.00 pm. Parents and faculty are welcome to attend as observers (refreshments served) at 5.30 pm. You can also contact the Board at any time via

Kind regards,

Louisa Gibbs


ISD Board of Trustees

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