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Behind the Scenery - There’s No Place Like Home

A huge thank you to everyone who came out to support the Middle school production of the musical “There’s No Place Like Home”. All the students were so proud to share their talent and months of hard work with their community. The characters shined, the dancing sparkled, and the crowd erupted when Dorthonay finally accepted her heritage and destroyed Shenanoknohaself with her new found cultural pride.

We were very lucky to have a guest director to lead the performers. Mamedjarra and her creative team brought this story of music and dance to life. They also offer summer programs in the performing arts, and you will find some information about that here.

Beyond the fabulous work of the performers, there was a whole other layer of creativity that not everyone knows about. The design crew have been working long and hard to create the visual aspects of the show. Students began with getting to know the script and the director's plans and needs for staging. With a creative vision in place students got to work on research and exploration. We searched for images to inspire and began to play with options to meet the needs of the show.

For a play with so much dancing, we needed to find ways to bring the setting to life, while leaving the majority of the stage open for dancers, and making easy and fast transitions - including speedy costume changes. The realities of the outdoor space and needs of a show of this magnitude can be challenging, but thankfully there was no shortage of creative problem solving in our group.

Students created and tested a variety of ways to solve these problems, not all of which made it to the final show, but all are necessary in the creative design process. They collaborated and put hours and hours of sweat into their creations - and the set along with several costume pieces came out of this incredible MS design team.

In the end we were all very pleased with the final product. From the transformable moving platform to the Baobob that opened up into a house, the team was able to take fabric, glue, sweat and a few staples and create the world that Dorthonay and her new friends travelled through in their journey. Indeed the MS design crew went on their own journey through the creative process. I for one am incredibly proud of what they accomplished.

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