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Athletics News: A Weekend of Competitive Swim & Basketball

2022 ISD Swim Gala

More than two years have passed since we hosted any type of swim event on campus. This past Saturday was therefore even more special to our community. More than 50 swimmers, plus a dozen volunteers, and countless parents and family members came together in our new swimming complex as we hosted the 2022 ISD Swim Gala. This was the culmination of 10 week season that put swimmers in grades 3 through 12 into the pool together to demonstrate their growth and celebrate their love of swim. Special thanks to Coach Carter and his team of coaches and volunteers who brought this wonderful event to life.

2022 Jaguar Invitational Basketball Tournament

While we had hoped to organize an international basketball tournament as Covid restrictions start to wain, the 2022 Jaguar Invitational Basketball Tournament was nonetheless a great success. Eight teams (four boys teams, four girls teams) came together to compete in our new gymnasium over the course of two days. We played 20 games including two phenomenal finals that saw the ISD Boys defeat the boys from the SEED Rise Program and the girls from Lycée Kennedy defeat the girls from the SEED Rise Program. All told, more than 100 student athletes competed with a fun, competitive spirit. We look forward to hosting more events just like this one over the last 10 weeks of the school year!

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