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Athletic Complex and Performing Arts Center Update

Lights! Sound! Action!

These are exciting times in the Performing Arts Center and Athletic Complex project. This past week the DWR Group and Theater Consultant from South Africa were on-site to install lighting, sound equipment, and the majestic stage curtains. During their visit, the Building & Grounds committee was treated to a demonstration of the very impressive equipment installed in the center.

The team also installed cabling and switches for the gym equipment, which includes a surround sound system and a divider curtain to form two smaller courts when needed. Once the gym roof is sealed, we can move forward with mounting the equipment and installing the floor.

After such a long wait, we are eager to move forward with work in both the PAC and Gymnasium. The next installation will be the theater seats. The team, also flying in from South Africa, is expected in Dakar in the coming week. Here are a few photos of the theater. Stay tuned as we move forward and get closer to opening up this beautiful space.

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