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April is World Cultural Month!

April 27, 2017-- We have lots of fun activities planned for WCM.  Please join in the fun.  

April 10-18… during art classes, students will work with local artists to learn about the art of tie-dye, graffiti, sand painting, and pottery.  They will be able to visit with a weaver a shoe maker, and other craftsmen.

Watch for notices regarding free Wolof classes!  Coming soon and open to all parents.

Thursday - April 20… Plan to wear your Senegalese clothing as we celebrate the beautiful fabrics and artistic designs of Senegal.  

Friday - April 28… Students will enjoy a delicious Senegalese Community Luncheon

Friday - April 28… Country Booths will be on display!  If you would like to represent your country and teach others about your culture please join us.  Contact Gaucher at:  Everyone is welcome!

Parade of Nations - Presentations - Concert  

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