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Animal Rescue League ASA: We need your help!

ISD’s Animal Rescue ASA includes students from elementary, middle and high school. We are planning an event and we need your help! There is a colony of cats and kittens not far from school that need to be sterilized and vaccinated, and so we have planned a Sterilization and Vaccination Day on Saturday, May 28th.

There are many ways you can help:

  • Donating money to help pay the veterinarians (Donation boxes will in the library, secondary and elementary offices, and elementary classroom EB15)

  • Lending us crates to transport the cats

  • Helping on the Sterilization Day

  • Fostering animals for a few days while they recover from the operations

Please click here for more details and to sign up to help.

Also note: 11th graders – this can count as a CAS experience!

Finally, remember that there are always pets that need homes. Please view the 6th grade presentation of the animals that need foster or forever families. Contact Lisa ( if you can help!

Thank you for your support for this important community activity that will help our furry friends!

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