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Activities News: Elementary ASA Registration is open now!

Great news everyone…

Registration for our first Elementary ASA term of the year will open this afternoon! Below is much important information about how to activate your SchoolsBuddy account and access the registration for Elementary After School Activity Trial Term, 2020-2021. As well, we have outlined the program as a whole. Please do read this article carefully. If you have any questions at all, please contact Mr. Colin Crumpton ( or Mrs. Marieme Mbaye (

Program Overview:

  • In order to prioritize the health and safety of our students and staff, this program will be limited in scope. Each grade level will have one day designated for ASAs so that we can avoid contact between grade levels. Each student will select one ASA for the duration of this term (6 weeks).

  • There will be no fee associated with this programming. Please note that in subsequent ASA terms we will return to our previous model of paid ASAs.

  • This program will run from Monday, December 7 2020 to Friday, February 5 2021.

  • ASAs will run from 3:00pm to 3:45pm. Please make arrangements to pick up your student at 3:45pm on the day of their ASAs (see schedule below).

Use of SchoolsBuddy:

  • You MUST activate your SchoolsBuddy account in order to register for Elementary ASAs. All ISD families have been sent activation links and instructions to the email addresses on record in ManageBac (Wednesday, Nov. 25 at 4:50pm). If you have not received this email, please check your spam or junk folder. If you still cannot find this email, please contact Mr. Colin Crumpton directly.

  • Please see this brief instructional video about how to activate your SchoolsBuddy account >> HERE <<

Registration Details:

  • Registration for this Elementary ASA Trial Term is open now! Don’t fret, there is no reason to rush to finish this registration. The registration will remain open until Thursday, December 3 at midnight.

  • We will use a preference based registration process. This means that you will order the activities from 1-5 in order of preferences. No children will be placed on waiting lists. They will be placed into activities based on preference and availability. There is no rush to get your selections in “first” as all selections will be based on preference 1-5. As well, you can save your selections and come back to edit them later on in the day or week before submitting your final selections.

  • Click >> HERE << for more detailed (written) instructions about registering for ASAs using SchoolsBuddy.

  • Click >> HERE << for a narrated video of how to access the registration and choose your preferences.

We hope that you will find SchoolsBuddy to be both powerful and user friendly. We understand that there may be some learning curve in terms of accessing this website and using the registration function. Please, please, please contact Colin Crumpton ( with any questions -no matter how small- you may have about this process. We look forward to getting ASAs up and running soon!

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