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A Successful Virtual Community 5k!

We had movers from Montana, we had cruisers from California. We had trotters from Toronto and dashings from Dakar. We had jivers from Germany and distance-runners from Detroit.

Wow, ISD, thank you for making our first virtual ISD Community 5k Run/Walk a success! The pictures from your races are inspiring. Many of you chose to run with family or friends and made a day of the event. Some of you took the chance to dedicate and honor your races to our recent 2020 graduates.

There were even a few that chose to run further distances. We had several people that ran 10k races and we even had a few who ran 21k! Emil Beaulieu, a 7th Grade Cross-Country member, was one such runner. Congratulations to you on your incredible race, Emil!

A big thank you to all, for the pictures and videos that you shared. It made me happy to know that wherever you are, you can find beautiful places to move outside. In total, we had around 80 runners or walkers, and a bike rider or two, that took part in the event.

Although I couldn’t see many of you, I could feel your spirit with me as I ran. I was envisioning looking towards the future, when we can all be together again, to participate in our 2nd annual, (non virtual) ISD Community 5k Run/Walk.

Stay safe and keep running, or walking, or dancing, or cartwheeling, :)

-Ms. Mary-

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