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A Message From The ISD Garden Project

Dear ISD Community

The garden project has been working on a small network of other small local school gardens in Ouakam. A group of students from ISD were some of the first students to start a garden at Lycee Ouakam. Students from the Lycee along with the garden project team have continued to keep the garden going over the past 3 years. Last May, Lycee Ouakam was inaugurated as one of Slow Foods 10,000 Gardens of Africa. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic these gardens emanate vitality.  

Here are a few words and direct quotations inspired by Carlo Petrini recognizing the value of teaching children to grow food and knowing it is important. "The development and responsibility of maintaining community-supported Educational Gardens are multifaceted with virtue, courage and balance.  A very holistic vision is at work in the teaching of children to grow food and to be aware of their local food communities. Among many other things, this knowledge is interlinked with the virtues of culture, communication, Language, memory, dress, quality of life, building techniques and “an intellectual treasure trove”  “from the wisdom of the older generations”. This whole local system needs to be protected, preserved and held together for the sovereignty of humanity.    Educational school gardens facilitate this type of education, and will help equip students with the ability to act responsibly, and solve complex, practical problems with morality within the complicated and emerging global societies of this moment in time". Important components of a slow food garden are: It must be created by community,  Be a garden of biodiversity Produce its own seeds Be cultivated by using sustainable methods Save water And be a network with other local gardens The garden team is dedicated and doing our best to keeping the gardens alive and growing among the many challenges of the pandemic. They are an environment conducive to the protective isolation measures. We are structuring the team to be able to work individually and alone right now and working on getting a safe mode of transportation for the gardeners.

Compost If you are staff and still in Dakar you can continue to bring compost to ISD and dump it into the compost pile in the garden directly.

We are looking at possibly collecting compost from the rest of the community in the coming weeks outside of the entrance gates. Stay safe, stay home!

Many thanks, The Garden Project

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