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9th Annual World Culture Month!

The International School of Dakar is about to celebrate its 9th annual World Culture Month, from April 9th to April 26th and we are inviting you to join us in this memorable month of sharing our cultures.

We want our students to understand, to value and to respect the diversities and the similarities of our many cultures here at ISD.

What is World Cultural Month?

It is a month of educational and cultural activities providing all countries represented in our school with the opportunity to celebrate the cultures and traditions within our community (students, teachers and parents) both in classrooms and around campus.

World Cultural Month is a month for building a bridge connecting all our different communities in an atmosphere of sharing, of discovering other people’s lifestyles.

Dear parents, this year, we would like to see again all the communities actively participating in our month-long activities. Your participation is so important to the success of this event. It is you, who will bring the richness and personal impact to this wonderful adventure for the benefit of the students.

We especially invite you to register for the country booths that will be set up around campus on the last day of World Culture Month on April 26th.

The booths will be set up to display your countries to our international community for the students to see and appreciate. The booths will display any facets of your country’s culture: Folklore, history, geography, cuisine, etc. The more facets, the merrier!

Suggested display information:

  • The booth background could be the color(s) of the flag of the country

  • Geography - where in relation to Senegal is the country

  • Government - what kind of government - i.e. king/queen/president etc.?

  • Language - what language is spoken and do you have an example of the letters if they are different?

  • People - indigenous groups / national costumes?

  • Climate - what climate does the country have - do you have seasons, snow, lots of rain?

  • Foods - is there a national dish?

  • National emblem?

  • National flower/plant/animal? E.g. USA - Bald eagle, Ireland - shamrock etc.

  • Famous people - does the country have any world-famous people in the past / present?

  • Money - what currency is used - picture of the currency?

  • Sports - is there a national sport or a sport that unites the country? (i.e. soccer in many countries, wrestling in Senegal)

  • Wildlife - are there any specific animals in the country? (i.e. koalas in Australia)

  • Nature - Any mountains, deserts, oceans, rivers, lakes worth mentioning?

We also invite you to participate in the parade of the nations that will happen on April 26 to provide to parents, students, and teachers the opportunity to walk on stage and to wear their most beautiful traditional dresses.

Please see the program for the month by clicking here! More detailed information about these two events will be shared with all soon!

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